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D'OXYVA review Prof. Ito Puruhito - D'OXYVA for wound healing of diabetic foot gangrene
Reviewer: Prof. Ito Puruhito, Indonesia

"It works good proven by improvement of Perfusion Index (PI-Mosimo) on diabetic wounds of Grade Wagner-1 and Wagner-2 after a series of 5 times application. We compare between 15 patients without D'OXYVA applied and another group of 15 patients treated with D'OXYVA application. Continuing work still on the way in which TcPO2 is also measured, whereby we want to really prove that wound treatment improvement showed by application of D'OXYVA. Thank you D'OXYVA."

D'OXYVA review Pro. Judy Delp PhD- The role of transdermal CO2 in sustained microvascular activity
Reviewer: Prof. Judy M. Delp Ph.D., United States

"Toriyama et al. studied the effect of CO2 bathing in 83 limbs with critical ischemia and achieved limb salvage in 83% without surgery. They concluded that peripheral vasodilation from CO2 bathing resulted from an increased parasympathetic and decreased sympathetic activity. Application of transdermal CO2 produces a remote vasodilation that may be mediated through release of a circulating humoral agent.

Recently, studies have documented that episodes of brief, non-damaging ischemia occurring in a tissue can induce systemic protection against ischemia-reperfusion injury in a remote organ. This phenomenon, termed remote ischemic conditioning, has been demonstrated to confer protection against ischemic events in the myocardium, brain, and kidney. Although shown to be effective in various clinical and pre-clinical models, the mechanism(s) of remote protection have not been clearly identified.

Both neural and humoral mechanisms have been proposed to contribute to the protection against ischemic damage afforded by remote ischemic conditioning. Basalay et al. have shown that when remote ischemic conditioning is applied before induction of myocardial ischemia, sensory nerves and recruitment of a parasympathetic neural pathway are involved in reduction of infarct size. Recently, Michelsen and colleagues have demonstrated that dialysate of human plasma from subjects who underwent either ischemic preconditioning or exercise preconditioning reduced infarct size in rabbit hearts, indicating that release of a humoral factor, contributes to the cardioprotective effects of ischemic and exercise preconditioning; however, these circulating substance(s) remain to be identified.

Future investigations will need to monitor heart rate, heart rate variability, and sympathetic nerve activity in order to more fully assess the role of the autonomic nervous system in mediating the sustained increases in SPP and systolic blood pressure reported in this initial study and focus on assessment of plasma samples during and following transdermal CO2 application. The D’OXYVA device is safe and can be administered at home. There are a lot of possibilities here and we are really excited about conducting future studies to determine what D'OXYVA may be able to provide to people with microvascular disease."

D'OXYVA review Dr. Jim Bledsoe - D'OXYVA for a variety of quality of life benefits
Reviewer: Dr. Jim Bledsoe, United States

"I have been using the D'OXYVA for past 4 years. After I started using the D'OXYVA, I felt a major improvement in my breathing because my sinus issues had cleared up. Second, I stopped snoring. After about 4 months, I realized that my muscles felt better and I was gaining my muscle mass back.

Then, I realized the varicose veins in my ankles had been reduced to less than 1/3 of it was. I have had a major reduction in pain and inflammation throughout my body. Now 4 years later, I feel physically stronger than I did 20 years ago. I am still increasing my muscle mass just by daily stretching, deep breathing and doing a D'OXYVA application three times weekly. I know that the D'OXYVA applications have caused my body to feel good again.

I have clients that have had similar and various results. One client has reported a major improvement in their eyesight. Six different clients have reported a reduction of varicose veins. A lot of clients have reported reduced amounts of inflammation and pain. Some clients have reported an increase in energy and endurance.

The fact is that the D'OXYVA increases the effectiveness of the Microcirculatory System. The body will feel better because of Microcirculatory System will improve the blood flow throughout the body. Increasing the blood flow will help the body heal itself.

I can highly recommend everyone should be doing D'OXYVA applications on a regular basis. You will be able to feel the difference."

D'OXYVA review Dr. Benjamin Sinappan- Varicose veins, wound healing of diabetic and vascular patients
Reviewer: Dr. Benjamin Sinappan, Malaysia

"Over the past five months, I have introduced D'OXYVA to a number of my patients. I have received positive feedback from all of them who have used D'OXYVA. One 56-year old patient was in ICU, intubated and had developed very bad bed sore which needed numerous debridement. His family discussed with me on his condition and upon my advice, agreed to try D'OXYVA, to be administered three times a day. Incredibly, by the 3rd week of usage, he was extubated and transferred to the ward. The wound recovery was tremendous. The patient and his family are very happy with the recovery progress. I have also introduced D'OXYVA to other patients e.g., peripheral vascular disease, dog bite and infected wound which was not healing after 6 weeks even after 4 courses of antibiotics and even a 4-year old child with chronic eczema. I'm very much convinced in D'OXYVA and its claims to improve microcirculation. The results can be seen in a macro manner."

D'OXYVA review Dr. Stefanie Williams- D'OXYVA reduces downtime and side effects
Reviewer: Dr. Stefanie Williams, MD, United Kingdom

“At European Dermatology London we use the D’OXYVA device after non-surgical aesthetic procedures to help reduce the down-time for patients; and as part of our Medical grade Pedicures for diabetic patients, who often suffer with impairments in their feet’s microcirculation.”

Dr. Stefanie Williams, Dermatologists and Medical Director at European Dermatology London (

D'OXYVA review Dr. Stephen Pfeifer- I am intrigued with the new data physicians will be presented with the clinics' diagnostic platform. This is the perfect storm!
Reviewer: Dr. Stephen Pfeifer, MD, United States of America

“Circularity has a novel, affordable treatment for patients. Doctors can sign up with the SHARM program and patients can have drop shipped to their homes the cartridges indefinitely. The D'OXYVA delivery system can be purchased by the patient and they have it in their homes for the rest of their lives. They can then treat pets and family members with a 7 minute treatment per day for about the same daily cost as a Starbucks coffee. Doctors profit from this forever. The cumulative benefits of using D'OXYVA daily are immeasurable in so many health conditions. Norbert and I have had conversations that he has several goals. One is to bring this life changing technology to as many people as possible. Another, is to bring awareness to the medical community about this new advancement in technology. What better way to accomplish this than to pair a diagnostic device that can validate at such a sophisticated level the health benefits! I would surmise that we will see in the same day improvements in the diagnostic markers with one D'OXYVA treatment. Moreover, studying patients at one month and three months with objective measurements will be intriguing to observe. It would be exciting to see a partnership between Circularity to accomplish this goal. My experience with patients in my Functional medicine practice was that 7/10 patients felt an immediate calming effect after one treatment. We documented most patients had a five point drop in blood pressure and pulse decrease within five minutes of one treatment. I am intrigued with the new data physicians will be presented with the clinics' diagnostic platform. However, most doctors will have few treatment options to suggest other than diet and exercise and nutraceuticals. Physicians who adopt D'OXYVA will be able to offer their patients with a novel, effective, affordable way to address these imbalances. And they can be delivered in the comfort of their own home. This is the perfect storm! Look forward to further discussions.”

D'OXYVA review Prof. Endre Varga- D'OXYVA speeds up wound healing and closure in diabetic necrotized wound
Reviewer: Prof. Endre Varga, Hungary

"In every 30 seconds a diabetic lower limb is lost somewhere in the world. For this reason diabetes and wounds is a dangerous combination; therefore, the management can be difficult. The standard treatment of a diabetic wound includes accurate surgical debridement and controlling the diabetic metabolism, as well as eliminating the infection by means of antibiotic therapy. In our presented case an insulin-dependent diabetic patient was treated for trimalleolar ankle fracture combined with very serious soft tissue destruction.

After admission to our department the possible treatment options were amputation or a long-term combined surgical treatment. The patient underwent a very drastic surgical debridement, the necrotised skin was removed. Infection was diagnosed with the identified pathogens being Enterobacter cloacae and ludwigii, Acinetobacter sp., Proteus mirabilis and Escherichia coli. After microbiological consultation an adequate antibiotic treatment was introduced. Every two days we repeated the surgical debridement and we applied jet lavage. After ten days there were no further necrotised tissue so we continued with a VAC therapy for two weeks. With the assistance of a plastic surgeon we applied Integra® and after a few days a split-thickness skin graft. Patient’s compliance dropped off and needed psychological support. During episodes of confusion he removed the dressings and surprisingly after two weeks fly larvae (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) were found in the skin grafted area.

Then wound healing was accelerated by Bioptron® light therapy and D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) treatment was applied twice a day for 25 days. His wound nearly completely healed and closed after 25 days and he could walk with crutches. He was discharged home after three months of treatment.

CONCLUSION: Even a serious soft tissue damage can heal after applying adequate therapy, but in diabetic patients the decision is difficult. It is important to note that in order to avoid amputation, multidisciplinary approach is mandatory. The patient’s general condition, life expectancy, and compliance basically influence our decisions and during the treatment period we have to reassess the results and taking these factors into account, thus we can choose the best treatment option."

Reviewer: Dr. Mohd Zurairie Bin Mohd Zubir, Malaysia

"We are reporting a case of a 62 year-old gentleman, with history of four times angiogram and stenting angioplasty done for vessels disease with poor LVEF (37%) and the first experience in Malaysia with deoxyhaemoglobin vasodilator therapy in increasing the LVEF. After a month of therapy, we report our experience with dosage and frequency of the transdermal carbon dioxide (CO2) delivery as well as patient's LVEF before and after the treatment were documented.

METHODOLOGY: Patient was maintained with the same medications as previously taken since the past six months. Baseline investigations such as Echocardiography, Peripheral Index (PI) and Arterial Blood Gas were done. He was started on deoxyhaemoglobin vasodilator therapy with one cartridge (16g of CO2) twice a day for five days in a week for the first six weeks.

RESULTS: Only after four weeks, the patient clinically improved from heart failure symptoms. Objectively, his LVEF was increased from 37.17% to 46.99% and the PaO2 increased from 84.5mmHg to 104.7mmHg.

CONCLUSION: With no obvious cofounder observed, the deoxyhaemoglobin vasodilator works to improve the LVEF and attenuated the heart failure symptoms. It increased perfusion thus bolstering microcirculation of the heart muscle after the CO2 saturation was increased and induced the vasodilation through Bohr effect.



D'OXYVA review Scott C.

D'OXYVA review Patty K.

D'OXYVA review Jesse Golden Viva Glam Magazine- Jesse Golden recommends D'OXYVA in Viva Glam Magazine

"This is a revolutionary hand held device that delivers CO2 into the body in a molecular form. It increases oxygen levels to areas that need it. I was recommended by someone to be somewhat of a Guinea pig for my chronic illness (rheumatoid arthritis).

I was amazed at how the swelling and stiffness in my joints went away and I had more energy!

The best part is they market this product also for its beauty benefits. It can help with acne, wrinkles, spider veins, stretch marks and cellulite! Check out Circularity!"

- Change the appearance of a spider vein
Reviewer: Maison Medical Spa from Savannah, GA United States

"The device is awesome....I have never seen anything change the appearance of a spider vein like it did."

- Increased energy
Reviewer: Teresa V. from Pasadena, CA United States

"This device is amazing. My skin has improved significantly and my energy level has increased. I have recommended this to many people and I have sold 10 for various reasons. One customer is using it for their dog with labored breathing. Everyone loves it!"

- I have only positive things to say...
Reviewer: Emery R. from Seattle, WA United States

"I have only positive things to say about the device. I feel more energetic and youthful. I also feel that I have more aerobic capacity when I am doing physical activities from bike riding and hiking to swimming. The device is very easy to use. It is non invasive and takes only a few minutes per treatment. Service has been great each time I have contacted the company. The D'OXYVA device is my secret weapon against aging!"

- Metabolism has increased and is helping me to lose weight. My sex drive has increased and I am sleeping better
Reviewer: Judy T. from Pollock Pines, CA United States

"I have found that after only two weeks of using the D'OXYVA system daily that my metabolism has increased and is helping me to lose weight. My sex drive has increased and I am sleeping better throughout the night."

- Recovery from running has improved. scar tissues are healing
Reviewer: Lillie M. W. from Pensacola, FL United States

"As an Esthetician, I noticed certain scar tissues are healing and the cut that I have is healing really fast. I am very happy with it."

- Better vision, breathing and sleeping
Reviewer: The Herb Shop, DEBORAH T. from RIDGELAND, MS United States

"My vision seems to be a little clearer. I have been experiencing chemically induced asthma from noxious fumes from a Nail Salon next door. I noticed that when I am struggling to breath, I will do an application and my ability to breath is noticeably better. Also, I am sleeping better now. "

- Just got a message from a friend who has been using this device for 3 days only! here's what she said.

"I am feeling great from doing the treatments. Total release of tightening from my Achilles tendon. I am totally amazed!" -Laura S.

- Problems with sleeping
Reviewer: Maria A. from the United States

"I have problems with sleeping and it (D'OXYVA) really helps me to sleep. I started sleeping really quickly, it helps me a lot."

- I thought that I would ping you a quick email to say how AMAZING the CO2 was!
Reviewer: Anonymous from London, United Kingdom

"Normally I would lie low the day after the dermapen treatment and wouldn’t go out at all. However on Saturday, the day after my treatment, I woke to dramatically less redness than usual, less irritation and swelling. So much so that even my daughter remarked that I wasn’t very red. With a little bit of make up I even ventured out to the shops - something I would never normally do until the 2nd Day. I would say that my face looked , on day 1, what it would normally look like on day 3 after treatment.”

- Increase in muscle mass
Reviewer: Dr. Jim B. from Pensacola, FL United States

"I am seeing an increase in muscle mass due to the D'OXYVA. I feel great. Thanks, Dr. Jim"

- Love this product!
Reviewer: Laura S. from Santa Barbara, CA United States

"My husband and I both love this product. One benefit we did not expect was how great our skin looks! My spider veins have all but disappeared and my husband loves how he feels. Recovery from running has improved."

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